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Is Kanhaiya Kumar Really Worth “Quoting”?

The JNU row has not dwindled yet. Why?

Because we are not willing it to subside anyhow. We call the combatants of the episode as   antinational but we are popularizing them till date. Kanhaiya Kumar the JNU students president is being covered in every news channel and interviewed by every top reporter and is still trending on social media.

Even INDIATODAY has a story for you with the heading-“Exclusive interview: Kanhaiya Kumar’s top 10 big quotes” which consists of his statements like- “Fighting election is not up to me. It is a part of political process. It is upto the people to decide whether I should contest an election or not. People will decide if I am a youth icon or not.” (source-indiatoday)


Is he distinct enough to be quoted?

The attention and paramountcy he is getting makes me wonder what exactly he has done to get such importance. Dared to shout slogans against our mother nation? Given statements about grabbing our honorable prime minister by his collar and got applauded in return? What else? Where did the so called “intolerance” go? Isn’t publicizing him is an anti-national act itself?

Even whoever gives a statement about him gets enough coverage. Following are two examples of this which have flooded the social media recently.

  1. Two days after his release from released on bail, posters were put up in central Delhi offering a reward of Rs 11 lakh to anyone who shoots him dead. It was bearing the name of t Adarsh Sharma. The posters were seen at bus stops and Metro stations in the New Delhi district. The person was booked for it and a case was lodged against him. (source- indian express)
  2. Jhanvi Behal, a 15-year-old girl who was honored during for her contribution to the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, on Sunday, challenged Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union president Kanhaiya Kumar for an open debate over his allegations on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.(source- timesofindia)

Whatever is happening is indirectly providing more Knahaiya a shortcut to be famous enough to be known nationwide. Its simple- give anti national statement and get publicity free of cost. By giving him this much importance we are providing him a convenient platform to spread his antinational thoughts. Not to forget the role of media in all this which is equally responsible as they cover only what can be sold without caring about morals and ethics.

In his interview with Ravish Kumar (which every one of you must have seen) he wishes to swap the respect granted to the martyrs, he wishes to treat Naxalites as martyrs and Indian security personals as terrorists. He says Rohit Vemula is his idol, Rohit considered Yakub Memon as his idol. So Kanhaiya has decided to idolize all the India haters.

First the nation gets “Intolerance” trending and “Anti nationalism” follows. Our politicians get an opportunity to accuse their fellow politicians and the nation reacts as tweets and facebook status. We choose to read and see anti national activity and our blood does not boil.

He gets welcomed at the campus where he proudly says he has been very busy giving interviews to the media person. And the media person and we like fools read and watch his every statement as if it is the most important thing to do. The nation has other issues too, right? I request everyone to follow the principle of “Gandhi ji’s monkeys” and do not see, listen or speak anything Antinational or about an Antinational.

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