Author : Amol D. Sainwar

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SHIVPRABHA CHARITABLE TRUST, PUNE is brain child of Amol. He is Founder and Acting President of Trust. His social life started in 2000 when 50% of his price money he donated to college library for GATE set to make it available to needy students. In 2007 along with few friends he started HOPE Society at Rajura to help students & to avoid struggle in the life of other students what he suffered and true to it sense hundreds of students got benefited from said initiative. In 2014 along with all working members He initiated National Trust i.e. SHIVPRABHA to work for humanity in all respect i.e. Education, Rural Development, Health Aadhytma and etc. True to it sense said Trust is working in 5 different states. He is also Trustee of Dr. Mane Medical Foundation and Research Center, Rahuri By profession he is Mechanical Engineer. He received many awards and one of the prestigious award RAJURA BHUSHAN in 2013 in very young age of 35.