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Can’t We Understand-Importance of Nature ?

Bird answered coolly

It was summer season and a bird was sitting on tree which unfortunately started burning from the bottom. A human being passing under the tree, seeing that the bird is not leaving the tree asked the bird. Why don’t you fly away. If you don’t fly away, you will also burn and die.

Bird answered coolly, “I eat fruits from said tree to live and grow in this world. This tree has given me shelter in rainy and summer season and has protected me. She is everything to me. Now when she is burning,I don’t want to leave my said mother.”

How selfish we are?

With this answer I felt as though someone gave me a great slap on my face. How selfish we are? We cut the same tree that gives us fruits to eat.We pollute the Air that gives us Oxygen. We not only pollute the Rivers that gives us water for Drinking and Irrigation but are also responsible for their death.

Take responsibility

Save Nature

If Birds can understand the importance of nature, then why we cannot understand it. I am sure we all understand it but keep quiet knowingly, to avoid responsibility of our Mother Nature. Please avoid doing so. Take responsibility for your own survival, for your future Generations.

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Aarti Mardhekar Kagwade

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