This Defining Move By A Nightclub In Bangalore Is Breaking All Stereotypes Around Same Sex Relationships

If you have been a part of the clubbing culture in Bangalore, or clubbing in general, you must be aware of the general rules applicable on the guests. The most common one among many rules is – Couples and ladies entry only.

It won’t be completely right to call the clubs a bit sexist, as there are many reasons why this rule is applicable. The main concerns being security issues and reducing the risk percentage of things going awry once everyone is high on music and booze. But it is also true that there is an element of sexism hidden beneath the surface.  But there is one nightclub in Bangalore which is tackling this issue head on in a subtle yet effective manner.

I am talking about The Humming Tree, located in Indiranagar is perhaps the only venue in the city which has the audacity to say this, ‘We strongly believe in couples of any kind. We’re an all inclusive, gender neutral space.’ You can check out their Bangalore 2017 New Year party listing for yourself here.

The frugality of the statement is the best part of it. This is the message you get in their description of the ticket of their New Year’s Eve party. Generally a couples pass is supposed to be valid only when it is 1 male + 1 female, not 1 male + 1 male or 1 female + 1 female, but here all these scenarios are valid with the same ticket prices.

On one hand where all clubs are busy devising new ways to limit the number of stags (A common term used for single guys) for their New Year’s Eve party, this move comes as a breath of fresh air. In a country where same sex relationships are diligently frowned upon, one can imagine the kind of joy it would have brought to the people belonging to the LGBT community. It is these small moves and gestures which actually make the world a better place to live.

And for those who don’t know, The Humming Tree is one of the most premium clubs in the city known for bringing popular international artists and putting up top notch live performances. This move by the club is easily breaking all the gender stereotypes and sending out a strong message.

It’s everyone’s right to go to a good restaurant or dance with their loved ones in a posh nightclub, but because of the societal barriers which exist, these little dreams get crushed without even making any noise. In our own busy heads, we often don’t realize the need to create an inclusive environment, so that those who are constantly pushed to hide inside shells can come out, and basically just live life.

It’s tough to predict how many other venues will follow this lead, as the apprehensions for taking such a step are still strong. But one thing is for sure, this step easily has the potential to melt so many hearts of the LGBT community and put a smile on the faces of millions supporting the rights of LGBT people.

Please Note: The image used in this post is only for representational purposes.

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