Demonetization Is A Surgical Strike, But Do You Know On Whom?

साफ कहना आदत है हमारी
झूठ सुन्ना फ़ितरत है तुम्हारी

~नज़रे इमाम

Latest news: Indian sports fans can’t watch Roger Federer and Serena Williams (who were due to feature in the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) in action as they choose to skip the event due to demonetization of currency. Yes, it is the latest news and it might sound interesting to many but it is not the focal point of my article. The focal point is “the current socio-economic climate of India.” The focal point is “Who is actually fighting financial issues: the rich OR the poor?”

Here is another latest news: “The 35-year-old New Delhi restaurant worker had his dreams shattered after the bank refused to exchange cash worth $440 because of a crackdown on “black money” ordered by PM Modi.”

If you are a committed nationalist, you would have to bear the turbulence of demonetization. Yes you have to. But, is it the most meaningful thing? Doesn’t it seem like the most reckless mistake made by PM Modi?

Additionally, did you know that “Before PM Modi banned Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes BJP was busy investing in real estate.” Sanjeev Chaurasia, member of the Bihar Legislative Assembly from Digha, was among the senior party functionaries who bought the land parcels. According to him, such purchases were not limited to Bihar, but in other states as well. Based on Chaurasia’s admission that land was bought by party representatives throughout Bihar as well as the country, and the deed documents, it is clear that BJP went on a property buying spree in a planned and phased manner. Land was acquired in cities and towns such as Madhubani, Katihar, Madhepura, Lakhisarai, Kishanganj and Arwal. (Source: http://www.catchnews.com/india-news/bjp-bought-land-worth-crores-just-before-note-ban-1480019920.html/fullview ) Before you jump into the comments section “Let the Mind Talk Begin.”

PM Modi says “Black money and corruption are the biggest obstacles in eradicating poverty,” and after having said so, he made a thundering announcement and dropped a bomb on the “Black Money” owners.  Has he been successful in recovering black money? Maybe, yes. Has he been able to fulfil his election promise of curbing tax evasion? Maybe, yes. PM Modi’s bomb did destroy a part of the black economy that is managed through cash but that part of economy is very small. Moreover, it is quite understandable why the government refused to provide the full list of 627 Indians whose black money is in Swiss accounts. Isn’t PM Modi providing an umbrella to the names on the list?

However, amidst all the clamour for cash, and the monetary war, my attention drew towards the poor who dwell in the rural portions of India and whose lives have been victimized due to the turbulence of demonetization. Has demonetization brought “Naya Severa” for the poor? This question remains unanswered by the government.

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