A College Dropout And A Graduate – They Didn’t Study DJing, But They Are Nailing It Today

Eight years ago in a common Indian household, when studies were the only thing people thought of, Ruchir Kulkarni changed all the norms and dropped out of college only to pursue his dream.  On the other hand Karan Sutaria chose to complete his studies in Bachelor of Management Studies and then put in his focus towards DJing.

2007, playing for a birthday party in a shanty turned out to be the Ruchir’s first gig whereas Karan kicked off his hobby by playing for a fresher’s party at his college last year.

“My mother wasn’t really too supportive, it was my father who asked me to go with it if I really knew that DJing was my call.” said Karan when questioned how did their parents react to their choice of career. “My parents were initially hesitant but they knew my passion for music was never ending, also it was a hobby that I later realized was my apparent aim.” was Ruchir’s more confident reply.

Apparently they both took DJing as a hobby but when I questioned Ruchir why DJ and not anything else, here is what he said, “I was very much interested in music since childhood and it is one such profession wherein you get to play music, enjoy and earn money at the same time.”

dj ruchir
DJ Ruchir

He started after SSC and currently at 23 years of age he seems more stable and content in life. He likes to play cricket and read books when he isn’t working for his company Dropout Ent., which is run by him and his friends, who also happen to be a bunch of dropouts. On the other hand Karan started as a duo but later he decided to go solo. “SHM when they were touring to Mumbai I had no idea about EDM but people were talking about it and so I researched and understood what exactly was EDM and listening to their music and gaining even more interest I questioned myself if they can then why can’t I?”

Questioning himself got Karan at this stage in life; he practices for 6-7 hours a day, as he feels he still has a lot to learn. “With the ever increasing competition you have to keep experimenting and practicing “, he says. With two gigs a week he is enjoying the recognition he has been getting and likes the fact that he gets to party and is paid for doing what he loves.

DJ Karan
DJ Karan

The scope for DJs is ever increasing but not every other person who likes the idea of being a DJ can be one. He suggests that people who actually want to be a DJ should first research about the profession and then decide, “Don’t copy someone else’s style, you need to learn to produce music and have a unique style of your own, watch YouTube tutorials, learn from them and practice regularly. Having the right contacts is a must along, with approaching the right promoter.”

Ruchir on the other hand feels you need to have an X factor in you that can make people approach you. “Start off with playing for a relative’s function as getting work is important and not the kind of gig or function/event you might be performing for.” He also writes notes for youngsters who are interested in DJing and also promotes them and gives them new opportunities. “Sometimes you get paid more and sometimes it’s a small amount but you need to keep going.”

“There is lack of scope and exposure but if you come across the right people it’s all good.” Agreeing to Karan’s words and seeing him work hard proves that you need not work all the time and still earn money doing what you enjoy.

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