Ending the cycle of negativity – Start with self….


Two instances that probed me to write this one. First, the Bhima – Koregoan incident and its spill over effect all over Maharashtra. The other was the video capturing the accident at the performance of a school from Bangalore.

In both the cases Whatsapp and Social media was flooded with repeated forwards that spoke volumes about hatred, crime, safety lapses that caused fear, unrest and anxiety in the readers. Now, I had two options- one was of watching the news and get anxious or the other was to spend quality time with my kids who were enjoying the surprise holiday at school due to the bandh. I opted to ‘feel’ like the kids who enjoy the moment and care a damn about what is happening around. And, I really thank God that I made that choice as there was nothing else in my control. I simply called my husband and assured we all are fine and he should stay at a relatives place near his office incase things don’t settle down by evening. I was so busy enjoying with the kids that I didn’t bother to read any forwards nor react to any. At the end of the day the drama settled down and my husband was back safely from office much before the usual time.

The other case where the video got viral showing the accident on the annual day performance of a Bangalore school headlines claiming 10 kids dead. And next day read in news that none died. Although, the lapse in safety of kids is to be questioned. Still the video caused more harm to parents by causing anxiety and fear and aroused negative thoughts of their kids meeting with similar accidents.


Many-a- times we hit the forward button without thinking of its spillover effects. Was it really necessary to forward a negative news that could wait to be read the next day? Impulsive decisions are mostly wrong and have a disastrous effect. Such news kills the opportunity on hand of living happily. How nice it would have been if we hadn’t immediately forwarded that video which made a false claim. This new year we should let the bad news wait and spread only positive news. Talk about the good that is happening around, speak to new people, try to find the spark in each person, see the good in each situation and love life as it is. So, next time you receive any bad news on Whatsapp, pause and delete.

That is the only way you can stop the negative thoughts spreading at that moment which is unnecessary.

Let us break the circle of negative thoughts and start a new thought where ‘All is well’.

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Aarti Mardhekar Kagwade

HR development consultant, an artist, a curious mother of two who loves trekking and playing badminton. A writer with ‘Rise for India’ NGO.  Can be reached at aarti.mardhekar@gmail.com

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