Hike App Takes Path Breaking Step Of Introducing Hindi News Feed – Beginning Of A New Era?

India’s leading Android app – Hike Messenger is all set to focus on the idea of providing ‘Hindi News Feed’ to its millions of users within its platform throughout the country. The community which is run by Kavin Bharti Mittal, the son of Bharti Enterprises Chairman, Sunil Bharti Mittal proclaimed that there will be availability of Hindi news within their instant messaging platform. The main reason behind this is that the vast percentage of the users who uses the internet all over the country, say like 21 percent of the internet users most likely prefers to have internet in Hindi language. They want to access everything in Hindi, whether its news, social media site, social networking site, etc. In fact, if we look around, we can see that dissemination of colloquial broadcast is much more than the prevailing disclosures.

The far-flung contents of the Hindi News will have their elements accessible in bite size broadcasting feeds across entertainment, sports, politics, technology, and much more categories including science, regional-based etc.

So what more do we need?

Hindi News on an instant messaging app? What else India is in need of? There are lots of answers to all these questions.

With Hike, emerging as one of the trending android application and that too now equipped with Hindi news feed all over – will it create a tough competition among other applications? Whether other applications are going to set up the same thing in order to take over Hike? Yes, there are lots of more questions arising as such.

Whether it will have a clash or not, it’s unknown, but people need to agree that having such a benefit within an app is something different. And what makes it different? Yes, it is providing a platform for both instant chat and news feed in our national language Hindi.

The owner of the company said, “With this launch, Hike will take one more step towards ‘localizing for India’ and making it an application that is user friendly for a diverse country like India is what we are mainly focused about!”

The main reason behind launching of such factor is that Hindi News appears on the back of the dispatch of English News platform in the month of August, which already contains over 2.5 million daily users exploring 100 million stories per week in total.

Hike Messenger Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Kavin Bharti Mittal said in an interview – “We have carefully studied content consumption patterns of our user base and Hike being an Indian app, we are happy that now our users can read news in Hindi.” He added – “Users can switch between Hindi and English news by tapping a button. We believe this is a step forward as we embark on our journey to bring India online in a locally relevant way.” (Source – Firstpost)

Hike, which is a joint venture of Bharti and Soft Bank Corporation, is therefore looking forward in their objectives to get prosperity and hence is also contemplating to acquaint news platform in other regional Indian languages as well to increase the dose of viewers and users, seeing a tremendous hit rate of above 100million English news stories per week in other android applications.

Presently, Hike contains 35 million online registered users. Other trending contenders like ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘Viber’ have user strength of approx 800 million and over 50 million respectively. The whole start-up will enable the users to get access to solid pieces of news, reports and analysis, counting up every element of news all around in the country.

Here is how it will get implemented –

  • The whole News component allows the users to enable bite sized updates in around 100 or 200 words.
  • It mainly contains three major options to choose – ‘Category’, ‘Full Story’ and a ‘Forward button’. It is very much similar like how other social networking sites like Facebook and twitter does.
  • Then by clicking on the required category, a menu will pop up which will display many tags like- Top stories, India, world, sports, technology, business, lifestyle etc.
  • Hence, by selecting the desired category, the user will be able to see news from that specific topic and that particular tag. There is one more benefit, the user can continue reading the news and can flip through the read stories.

So, I guess people are ready to access Hindi News through Hike in a very convenient way. It can be denoted as one of the beneficial aspect we hardly get to see in any Android application. Therefore, Hike is ready to roll out daily Hindi News feed to the people around and if people like such features, then they too can induce with the flow.

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