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LOVE ‘ is a four letter word that the whole world desires for. It brings people together. But love is not present  in the destiny of  many. The society is facing a dreadful disease called ‘inflation’ of prices which results in people below poverty line (BPL),  struggle hard to attain daily bread and left their kids as orphan on road. KR4
I grew up in a well educated family blessed with a loving grandmother and parents. I knew what it is to have love. I knew its worth when I lost my grandmother. It’s sad to know that there are so many with no one to look after them in their old age. In this busy world we need to make time to take care of those people who took care of us so well. I have seen my granny’s helplessness and loneliness, when she was on the verge of death 17 years back. When I saw a woman almost the same age as my grandmother working in scorching sun just for a day’s meal triggered me do something for the society.
This led me to serve them and subsequently, became an important part in my schedule. In 2003 with my husband I started an Old age home Shri Shirdi Sai Charitable trust  for Old age as well as Orphanage homes for kids. Slowly it grew as we served an approximately 80 to 100 members. It was not an easy task initially. But with a strong will power and an urge to help with passion, dedication and hard work nothing is impossible.
In this journey, I came across SAI ROSHNI SEVA TRUST, who was in the same strife – to serve the homeless kids and seniors. I felt a strong urge to collate with  this NGO  to reach my goal of serving not only our circle but to reach beyond that. On the way of experience in fundraising event  organised by Sai ROSHNI,     I met numerous  people who inspired me.
SAI ROSHNI SEVA TRUST has kindhearted souls as team members who have helped in making the events successful and raised lakhs of rupees, which was donated to the needy.
We first need to teach our kids the  lessons of kindness.
Then there is no doubt, we may not find any Old age home or Orphanage in future.


Kavita Raj

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