A message for all the students giving their 12th board exams. Take a break to read this.

Recently, I read this headline in a newspaper “TWELFTH BOARD EXAMS TO START TODAY, STUDENTS FEEL NERVOUS AMID HARD PREPARATION”. These words reminded me of all the preparation that I did. I realized how this exam changed my life, how this exam has changed my deportment from a schoolboy to a college boy.

Well, this exam is the most exciting exam in one’s life. It’s a complete turning point of one’s career. With this, comes the introduction of a new phase of life, a phase which is much harder, much more exciting, that makes you much more mature. While in our school days, we all must have gone through various vagaries, as from being scolded by the teacher for not doing homework in primary classes to being scolded for an act of mischief in higher classes, from staring at our crush in class, to being irritated by our friends for her/his name. We all have that “Pehla Nasha Pehla Khuma” moment in our school lives. It is the place where we learn what friendship is, and what love is.

The majority of the youth, be it a boy or a girl, lose their concentration because of the heavy burden of feelings they carry. It’s not their fault, that they engage themselves so much in love (what they call life); it’s all about a phase of life, part of the time that makes them feel so. This might also deteriorate their higher secondary grade. Probably this was the thing that Mr. Modi skipped in his “Man ki baat”.

What comes after the 12th board is the horrifying pressure of various competitive examinations. Be it JEE or AIIMS, CLAT or CPT, one needs to be extra-ordinary, extra-talented, and moreover lucky to clear this, one of the greatest barriers in life. The feeling we had after giving these examinations was like we unloaded the weight of 1000 kg from our head.

Twelfth board result is very critical. They not only help you in entrance examinations, but also in placements after your graduation. They are your facsimile in our orthodox society. They will be an asset that you would have earned. Apart from this, they will make you relive the long fourteen years of your school life. They will make you feel nostalgic. They will remind you of your first love. They will make you realize how good it is to be a kid and will make you think how far this world has gone.

Try your best in the examinations. But if you fail, it’s not like that you don’t have life on the other side. You still have a long way to go to make our dreams come true. Therefore, you need not worry much of the aftermaths of competitive exams. You will definitely feel nervous, underestimated, depressed by the hopes of parents and relatives, by your high scoring friends. But just don’t give up. May be they are better than you in studies, but there are many fields in which you will beat them. Once you have given it, forget about it, don’t bother. Just focus on the next step. Try listening to some decent music every evening. Music does make you feel light. Try to stay as calm as you can. Do not get hyper. Visit temples/mosque/church regularly. The ambiance will soothe you. Don’t believe in theories like study-in-morning and bla bla bla. Study the way you like, make your own schedule, but stick to it. Do not get nervous. Search for motivational videos on YouTube, they will help.

And the last thing, if you do not do well; don’t think it’s over. Always remember that it’s just the starting, you have a long way to go, a long time to prove your potential, a long path to show your inner talent. Always remember JEE, NEET, etc. are not the exams of selection, rather they are the exam of rejection and if you get rejected accept the fact wholeheartedly, but do not feel dejected. Try to find why it happened, but tell yourself it’s not the end. Take your parents, cousin or friends in concern. You are a brilliant student, nation needs you.

The headline reminded me of my preparation that I did in sleepless nights. I failed, but I am happy. Hope you will do well and get success…!! Good luck…!

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