Rise For India

Rise For India is a vision through which we want to empower the people of our country by giving them the voice that they deserve. It is a opinion based media website/blog wherein anyone who wants to share his/her story or raise their voice against an issue can come up and do it.

We at RFI have a strong belief that if we want things to change in our system/society, we are the ones who have to instigate it. We focus on presenting opinions and insights on issues, stories and news which matter to the world and to India in particular. As radical as it may get, we do not refrain ourselves from engaging into hard hitting as well as extremely sensitive issues.

Rise For India is one of India’s leading platforms for expressing your thoughts on critical issues.


Our bloggers who are the backbone of our website come from different cities, different fields, different backgrounds and different age groups. What’s common in them is their passion to write for a change, and love for their motherland, irrespective of the fact that some of them even live in other countries like USA, Belgium, England, Qatar, etc as well.

RFI is a place where people can come up and publish their stories, present their viewpoints and discuss issues of relevance. You need not be a journalist/writer to have a viewpoint. Each one of us have their own, and we believe that we have the right to share that opinion. We also accept that one’s view may not align with others, in which case, we even motivate critical debates through our comments section through which the readers can pose their question to the blogger.

The Team Behind RFI

Rise for India was co-founded in 2014 by Vaibhav Lall and DS Aman. They ran the website successfully, with the support of 150+ selfless contributors and millions of readers, for more than 3 years.
RFI was acquired by Amol Sainwar and Shishir Mandya of Shivprabha Charitable Trust in September 2017.