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Electronics City a model for Bengaluru’s Waste Management problem

Roads without garbage by their side, shade from trees for passersby, vehicles noiselessly plying on the roads are all unfathomable in Bengaluru.  However, this is
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Pink lady of Indian Cayman Community-Shilpa Tagalpallewar.

Aarti Mardhekar Kagwade
“I believe in creating opportunity, not waiting for it,”  .Versatile, vibrant, ingenious,… the list is never ending for introducing the artist Shilpa Tagalpallewar. Originally from
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Kerala Flood – Bringing Out the Human Kindness?

Kakoli Sen
The incessant downpour that has devastated Kerala has made more than 2 Lakh people homeless and taken more than 300 lives. While Keralites are having
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Rise For India
There is a lot to talk and read about World Environment Day, the newspapers, the internet, social media is flooded with information, campaigns and movements.
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Moving towards a plastic-free future – World Environment Day 2018

Rise For India
Plastic, which is rampantly polluting our water bodies, harming marine life and posing a threat to human health, has been one of the major concerns
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MADHU CHANDAN – Even with modernity, AGE-OLD solutions continue to work.

Rise For India
Awareness about the health benefits of Organic Food products is increasing in urban areas as well as Mandya, a district 100 kilometres from Bengaluru, which