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Game Of Degrees In Indian Politics: Where There Is No Clear Topper

A Minister always shows his degrees (A Lannister always pays his debts)

It had been quite some days since I had watched some news. So, I turn ON the TV and scroll through all the news channels.

‘Modi ki degree’

‘PM ki degree pe chhidi jang’


All the leading news channels hosting debates on Delhi CM- Arvind Kejriwal’s allegations on PM- Narendra Modi’s educational qualifications, consequently BJP’s leading faces holding the press conference to show the degrees, followed by AAP’s leaders arguing about degree’s authenticity.

So, here I hold my head- that this is the raging topic of discussion in our nation!!

Here, I unabashedly declare that-

“My Degree is purely authentic, no spelling mistakes in it,
But, I have done nothing worthwhile for my nation!!”

This is a country where getting the most essential document of any citizen – Voter ID Card, correct at the first time,is the herculean task to do. It always has huge amounts of discrepancies, varying from wrong name, to wrong address, to wrong gender, etc. This forces the people to make unnecessary visits to electorate’s office.

Personal Experience

1st attempt- No action,

2nd attempt- Wrong DOB,

3rd attempt-Wrong Name,

No attempt- Haven’t voted till now. 😛

And here the leaders of our country are discussing about the alleged discrepancy in the degree of our PM. Hilarious!!

In our nation, majority of politicians don’t have a strong educational background because these positions don’t have any such eligibility conditions. Here, the educated section of society looks down upon someone who opts for this field as it is considered too ‘RISKY’. Besides, in their terms- they don’t want to get their hands dirty!!

In spite of all this, the largest democracy of the world houses a great mix of Educated and Uneducated politicians –

Some did well (Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Manohar Parikkar (IITian) – Educated, K. Kamaraj, Vatal Nagaraj – Uneducated) while,

Some shamed their qualifications (Dr. Manmohan Singh (PhD<>Coal Scam), A Raja (B.Sc, B.Law<>2G scam), Shiela Dixit (M.A.<>Commonwealth scam), Ashok Chavan (MBA<>Adarsh Scam)etc).

At the end, it’s the will and experience of the leader that matters besides the education, because Swami Vivekananda, who failed in English Exam, gave such a brilliant speech in Canada which made our nation proud in front of the whole world!!


Dear representatives of the people of India, Please don’t deviate your and our attention from the core issues that India is facing.


Dear News Channels, please be clear on what should be ‘NEWS’ and what should not be.

Note: Image used in this post is only for representational purpose.

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