Jayanthi Kathale – Bringing Glamour to Maharashtrian Food

JKA strong independent woman is an integral part of our society. But what motivates a woman to rise above social constraints and reach the top? Well, the answer is simple – it’s their determination, hard work and the will to never break and back down.  One needs to have a ‘Never Back Down’ attitude. 

Vadani kaval gheta naam ghya shree hariche |Sahaj havan hote naam gheta phukache | Jivan kari jivitva anna he purna bramha | Udar bharan nohe janije yadnya karma ||

Jai Jai Raghuveer Samartha.

Above is a prayer which all Maharashtrians recite before eating food .It is written by Sant Ramdas Swami in 17th century. It means that Lord Lakshmi- Narayana stays within us in form of hunger. Before eating anything we should remember Lord and eat our food like we are  offering it to lord . Thus our food gets digested easily . It is not an act of filling your stomach, It is actually offering to fire of life.  (yadnya karma). In these verses Ramdas swami said “Anna he purna bramha.”  They say Brahma is not complete without illusion.  In food there is no illusion (showoff) and that is what makes it complete, means Purna Bramha. This thought is not only Mesmerizing, you also start feeling beautiful within yourself .

Jayanti Khatale , a successful women entrepreneur who came up with  idea of owning  a restaurant which serves authentic Marathi food across the globe. Today she is slowly climbing the ladder of success. Purnabramha is name of her restaurant.  You can feel the fineness right from the name of the restaurant, to the kitchen and its seating arrangements . Chairs in Purnabramha are curved. They have designed it, keeping in mind body structure of a woman so that she can get support to backbone and become stable. If the women’s backbone is stable she is happy and can order fast . This simple thought applies in real life too. Pranav Khatale, Manish Shisarao and Vrushali Shisarao are Jayanti’s backbone.

Jayanti belongs to Nagpur in Maharashtra. She Lived in a  joint family as a child and her parents were sports teachers. Parents taught her about  the world and how professional you should be. While granny taught  traditional values she also taught her the difference between cooking and tasty cooking. After marriage Jayanti shifted to Bangalore. She stayed for sometime in Australia too. Be it Bangalore or Australia one thing was common, she missed her local food a lot. So she used to cook and started a catering service in Maharashtrian  food, as it was her passion .

It was in an airplane where she first started chasing her dreams. When you are travel by plane, you have to inform,  if you are  a vegetarian at boarding time. Unfortunately they hadn’t and they survived for 27 hrs, only on bread and water, until they reached  home.

She was a Software Engineer for 13 years, working as a project manager. She was doing research on Mahrastrian food for 3 years side by side. By travelling to various regions of Maharashtra, tasting the food and preparing those dishes at home. Thus there was a standardization of Marathi food, being setup by her .

Soon at HSR Layout in Banglore, the first branch of Purnabramha was started in 2012. Today there are more than 6 outlets of Purnabramha in India and few starting internationally in  Brisbane – Australia , Melbourne , London , U.S , Toronto and Chicago . Her Aim is to open 5000 outlets across the country. Franchise of Purnabramha is  given only to women. It is a small step towards women empowerment and creating strong women entrepreneurs’ empire  She believes , When in Rome behave like Roman . Running a business successfully she carries the attire of Nauvari sari, which makes us feel proud .

JK1In Purnabrahma every day they have food called Thali from different regions of Mahrastrastra , like Shiv Thali from konkan, Mahalaksmi Thali from Kolhapur …They also have Balgopal Thali for small children.  Food prepared in Purnabramha is preservative less . Be it a  2 months baby , 85 yr old , a child or a pregnant mama , they serve all kind of clients with quality and in a scientific way . They offer discounts too if you finish your food properly. Every day by 11 am photographs of all centers and food are send to head Chef of Purnabrahma . There is no compromise in Quality. Fake photos can be recognized by photo recognition software.   Problem is not with mind set , problem is with set minds 

Anything which becomes successful people start pirating ideas . A few people start bad publicity. In a cyber world it is quiet easy . Content management is not done properly at times . After getting success how can Purnabramha stay away from this . Trademarks of Purnabramha are getting copied too.  Jayanti is full of Positivity and Love. She illustrated  this with  an example how negativity can be done away.   In a glass she took muddy water and other pure water. She started pouring pure water in muddy water until it became pure . This is how we can make negative people positive she explained in such a simple way .

She believes in drawing her own Big line instead of erasing Small line.

Shraddha Jagdale

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