Keep Calm And Stay In Queue, Because…

It was around 4-5 pm of afternoon, quite late for a lunch break at office. Placing my order at cafeteria I rushed to the ATM nearby. There were two ATM machines and collectively the queues were of not more than 5-6 people. One ATM was dispensing minimum denomination of Rs.500/- , so the queue was longer in another. Usually I don’t prefer having notes of 500/- often. Therefore I gave it a thought of few seconds, in the meantime started comparing the aspects of having this denomination and standing in long queue. Finally I decided to go for the ATM with shorter queue. 4 notes of Rs 500/- sliced out and happily settling them inside purse I walked to have my food.

In the evening I could sense some discussions passing across and being little busy at work I didn’t take any effort to know anything about. It was at night, around 10 pm this news hit my ears. I mean couple of news related to the surprising win of Mr. Trump and here banning of Rs 500 and 1000 notes. As usual my first thought went to the money withdrawn the same afternoon. What do I have to do now; I mean how to manage again few days without bucks in my purse, was the first question.

By the next morning I could see Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter flowing with the updates, tweets and multiplied reactions. Almost all updates were about the number of notes people were having, about the relative happening of election and note ban, the jokes and rhyming about votes and notes and so on.With passing days reactions started taking diversified directions. Execution fell into the range of several questions as ATMs went out of service, banks started having longest ever queues that India never saw before as a result it started becoming the hot topic in discussions, social networking sites and even in global platform. New born pink note was kind of fascinating for people. I could see some opinions were strongly in favour of the step and some strongly against. Even some opinions were changing from time to time, like some people who were talking about in favour of the same started supporting the other way because of their bitter experience.

Coming to the technical aspect the decision of surgical strike on black money is surely taken after scrupulous planning and with the intention to make India better. Control on the corrupt practices, journey towards cashless society, inflation fall, boost of future banking society, reduction in government liabilities and tax avoidance, a good number of fiscal deficit, in the long run higher income tax collection arising from better compliance and positive impact on consumption demand are believed to be the bright side of this implementation.( Ref Source – Moneycontrol.com) Whereas the execution stage has been the biggest challenge and it is where many experienced the pain and hurdles. News of death rate because of not accepting the banned notes in hospitals and the stressful situation of bank employees have saddened many hearts. As life loss can’t be justified in any sense but is a loss to grief forever, not only for Individuals and families but also for the whole nation. In the mean-time pain experienced by people at grass root level in this transition phase is tremendous. Spot lighting in this situation many set out the examples for the society by contributing their helping hands at this hour of need.

It has been one of the happening phases of India and we must analyse the pros and cons before coming to any conclusion. In this country of democracy we must express our point of view on the same but before we complain about something rigorously it’s better to make sure that we have some solutions in our mind for the same. No one is advised to blindly follow any decision, only because they are related to a particular individual, group, party or society. But it is true that a leader needs support at this hour. And no revolution has ever been successful without sufferings, pain and loss. No reconstruction has ever been possible without messing out things all over. Hence it is the responsibility of all of us to accept with detailed analysis, have patience, be cautious and extent our help to the ones who need it. Co-operation of each and every citizen with proper awareness and timely action is the key to unlock the big box of issues we are facing right now, so that we will witness a better in India not tomorrow but with every next minute and feel proud to say that we have been a part of this positive change. Jay Hind.

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