How Much Life Changes After Doing Engineering In India And The Aftermath Of It!

‘Engineering’, a single word which speaks a million lines to each and every individual in a million ways. As a huge scrum of Indian youth graduates every year from engineering colleges at this time of the year, there is also a big question mark printed in red upon each individual’s head.  The question is ‘What’s next?’

Most of the individuals do not have the answer. It’s the most diverse field with amazing results. Other fields are restricted. A doctor can only be a doctor. An arts student can only prosper in his field. But an engineer without a second thought can choose most of the fields to shape his career, to live his dream, to chase success.

M.S. or MBA? – Where every final year graduate is busy finding out what to do next, somewhere these four years have taught us a lot than just an ocean full of subjects. It has taught us how to live life. It has revealed the beauty of friendship, the importance of family and most significantly the truth of life. It taught us that life goes on. It must go on. It has taught us to let go of things and hold on to the present scenario and relive every moment of it.

No doubt that college life gives us a big bunch of memories to take care of in time, but the four years of engineering have something more to it. In huge universities like Lovely Professional University, where the crowd is much more when compared to any ordinary college or prestigious institutes like IITs, NITs, etc. and when your entire program is semester wise, an individual meets a lot of people. A pair of new friends formed every day –a normal activity. Trips, love, break-ups, parties, fights, exams, bunking, backlogs, reappears, internships, sleeping in class, events, cultural fests, technical fests, practicals and many more –engineering life is all about it.

We meet people. We make friends. We fall in love. We fall out of love. We rock our semesters. We fail in some exams. We get placed. We clear our GRE/GATE/CAT etc. but most importantly – Our four years ‘The Golden time’ passes out and we don’t even realize until a month or two before we all separate forever.

It refines us of our actual voyage of life. It simonizes us for the fact that ‘the show must go on’. Our friends, boyfriends (no offense) or girlfriends, best friends, acquaintances, faculties and wardens which became a part of our life for four years are all going to be strangers in a few years. People lose touch. Friends which were life for once are somewhere busy with themselves. We no longer know what our ideal faculty is doing in college. The awestruck part is we don’t even know the reason behind it. Neither any one tries to know. We all make plans in these four years of spending the rest of our lives together, to be in touch forever, to be best friends forever but everything just disappears as time comes. The whole schedule of life is the victim of TIME. Time is everything. It gives us a bunch of sweet and sour memories. It makes us discover ourselves.

No one loses anything in this journey. The fact that despite some of us despise these four years, it makes us realize what we actually are? What we actually want? What is our destination?

Whether going to Germany or USA, becoming a writer, an actor, an IAS officer, MBA pursuer to a media personnel – engineering thrills us. We all want to fly high, to run as fast as possible, to achieve success, to chase our dreams, to fall, but also to rise in our own terms, to create an identity and the burning zeal to do something. The burning desire to chase our dream or building one’s career is what gives us success and happiness. But somewhere we all pay a great price for it. We all pay it by giving our time and mostly- our friends. This is where we all need to thank our four years of engineering. It taught us to face the rough season of life. To live life at its best. To achieve whatever we want.

I just feel that as our engineering lives is about to be over, we are all about to get busy in shaping our dreams and career, but somewhere we all need to take care of our friends too. I do not say that we can control everything but we definitely can implement the outcome of practicals that we have learnt in the practical class of subject- Engineering in our four years. Life is about to start. It’s about to take off. But somewhere we are all scared. Frightened about our new life. We are daunted by the thoughts of an air crash. All our decisions, our plans were guided by our elders past 20 years. Today when suddenly a big decision of our lives lies in our hand, where we are on our own to build our big giant castle of our dreams we are all frightened. Believe me, that’s the bitter truth. We are haunted by the thought of our castle to peril with our small mistakes. But we have to believe in ourselves. Our loved ones trust us. So must we.

There is a saying in Hindi –‘Band mutthi mein ret bhi nhi tikti’. Perhaps whosoever it was, was absolutely right. We all have tried to take everything we got in these four years with us, but the tornado of time is much more powerful than we think. All we are left with is a big box of khatti-meethi Yaadien which even time cannot steal from us. It doesn’t matter if we can’t have the best time of our lives back, but the moments which all of us have lived are safe and secure in our sweet box of khatti meethi yaadien.

I wish all of us, including me, all the very best wishes because we all need it. We all are confused, frightened about our new lives, wandering in our minds relentlessly to find a final way to our abode but trust we must in time and in us. Lastly not to forget our friends because – shaadi mein koi to hona chahiye jo hamari burai kar sake, hamari khichai kar sake aur sabse jyaada wo hamse bhi jyaada khush ho sake. Zindagi mein waqt mile na mile par in haseen lamho pe agar purane yaaro ka tadka lag jaye to ye lamhe hamesha ke liye haseen ban jati hai. Isi ka naam to Zindagi hai. !!!

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