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Ghost of Baba Harbhajan Singh that Guards India’s Border

It is often said that one who dies for the country will remain immortal. ‘Amar Jawan’ is the term associated with soldiers who sacrifice their lives to the nation. Here is an interesting story of a soldier by name Harbhajan Singh served Indian army until 1967 and is believed to protect the Indian soldiers and the border even after his accidental death! It is widely believed, that water kept at the Baba Harbhajan shrine became capable of curing ailing persons. Devotees therefore leave bottles of water in the name of ailing people and then give this blessed water to the sick.

Units of the Indian Army that are posted in the region, seek Baba’s blessing with various plates dedicated to him lining the shrine’s walls. They also believe that Baba will warn them of an impending attack days in advance. The Army even promoted him to an Honorary Captain and a pay check was sent to his family.

He is believed to wake up soldiers on duty at this post and give them alert message about expected enemy attacks!

After his death, he came in the dreams of a soldier and asked him to construct a shrine in his name. As a result of today, Nathu-La Pass has a shrine built in name of Baba Harbhajan Singh.

The following quote is seen in a banner placed near the temple built for Baba Harbhajan Singh, which is truly the mantra every Indian Soldier recite: “Oh Lord Shiva Grant me the boon, that I will never deviate from doing the good deed, That I shall not fear when I go into combat And with determination, I will be victorious. That I may teach myself this greed alone, to learn only Thy praises. And when the last days of my life come I may die in the might of battlefield

So revered is he, that even the Chinese on the other side of the border leave a seat , vacant for Baba as a sign of respect at flag meetings. People and soldiers passing through make it a point to pay their respects at the shrine. Clearly faith is stronger than anything else here.

Whether Baba Harbhajan Singh’s spirit exists or not, but the spirit with which millions of Indian soldiers are fighting it out to protect our borders definitely gets a morale boost with such a belief.

Shishir Mandya 

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