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Antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs must be shunned! They do not offer any solution except to make you a zombie with dulled faculties! Your mind will race between one crazy thought after another and you will suffer from indecision and mental fog. The chemicals can even make you homicidal (if you’re an aggressive person by nature) or suicidal (if you are too sensitive). How do I know this? I suffered from suicidal thoughts when I was on their drug cocktail! Luckily I never acted on my thoughts and I am here to warn others about the dangers of these niftily marketed drugs. Unless you have a head injury and suffer from Epilepsy type of malfunction, do not resort to any drugs or ECT shock treatments! Treat your body gently and with kindness. Don’t feed poisons to it! 

Coming to poisons, do realise that you are what you eat! Today’s food supply has been poisoned heavily to maintain profits for the processed food industry and they don’t care about your health! All they will tell you is that there’s a pill for your every illness and that science/medicine has a solution for every malady. They don’t! Poison cannot counter another poison! It’s much wiser to trust your God-given self-healing body to do its magic than to rely on synthetic crap made in a factory/lab! Just pay attention to what you eat/drink/breathe. There are certain super foods for optimum brain function such as walnuts, berries, dark leafy greens, avocado and flax seeds.

Your mind also has tremendous powers. If you let it wander aimlessly, it will create hell for you. But if you rein it in and concentrate on clean and healthy thoughts, it will turn into your friend and a lovely companion! A pure, confident and fearless mind will give positive healing energy flow to your entire body and you will not suffer frequent ill-health. But if you are fearful and pessimistic, you will be sabotaging your physical wellbeing too!

No pity parties and staying in victim mode for too long. Most importantly, never engage with gloomy people to commiserate together. Help them come out; cheer them up; but no sobbing together to feel better! Every problem has a solution in life! It may not be a perfect solution, but a solution nonetheless. If only we dare to implement the behavioural changes necessary with conviction and faith!

Life is too short to stay down in the dumps all day! Never live in the past. You can’t even bring back one second from your past. Then why bother about the past events? Why ruin the future by wallowing in the past sorrows?  Try to get into the habit of deep introspection and daily improvement.

Remember the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. If you suffer from any of these, try to pull yourself away from them. It may take time; but it becomes easy as you keep looking inwards with a pure heart and conviction. Never compare yourself with someone who is “better” or “richer” than you! Your battles are your own. No one has a power over you, but your own mind. Be grateful for what all you have; instead of feeling inadequate or insecure. Being content and accepting your situation with grace have a deep impact on how quickly you can come out of your depression. Don’t hold grudges and don’t try to mete out punishment to those who wronged you. It’s not your job! Karma will deal with them at the right time and your job is only to look after your well being..

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Editors Note : This article is written by a Professional with years of IT consulting experience at the World Bank and FDIC in Washington DC and San Francisco.The sharp increase in cases of depression especially among the young are deeply related to the politics, economic policies, and atmosphere of hate and intolerance that is being created all around. It requires working with survivors of domestic violence, caste and communal violence as well as with people living in conflict regions, where cases of depression and suicide are much higher…Shishir Mandya

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